Lasers For Hard
Tooth Tissue

We use the latest technology!

Biolase Waterlase iPlus Laser

Waterlase is a revolutionary device from BIOLASE® Technology, Inc.

In our practice we have been using the Er Cr3 +: YSSG from Biolase – WaterLase iPlus for many years. It is a laser for the treatment of all types of tissues in the mouth –hard and soft tooth tissues.

It is a minimally invasive laser device with advanced and improved features that offer the best possible experience for our patients.

Laser light can be used in many different areas of dentistry. With the energy of the laser beam, we act specifically and selectively only on precisely defined paradental or tooth tissues, while other tissues in the immediate vicinity remain completely undamaged. This enables us to be extremely precise in our work. The procedure itself is painless or with minimal pain perception.

What is a laser?

The word LASER stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Of Radiation” and represents directed light of a certain wavelength, which is 2780 nm in case of our iPlus laser.

How does the laser work?

Instead of the unpopular dental bur, we use the Waterlase I Plus tooth laser for the treatment of the teeth. For its astonishing effect, it generates a laser beam that cuts the tooth in very thin layers almost painlessly with the help of hydrokinetic technology.

Laser treatment is therefore a revolutionary method that offers a minimally invasive therapy, since the laser energy selectively treats only inflamed areas of hard teeth (which contain a large amount of water) and in particular inflamed paradental tissues. A very important feature of laser treatment is that healthy tissue remains intact and therefore undamaged during the procedure.

In connection with the I Plus laser, we offer the following services:

  • Dental Fillings
  • Sealing Or Protection Of Fissures And Small Holes On The Molars In Children
  • Treatment Of Hypersensitive Dental Necks
  • Endodontic Treatment Of Root Canals
  • Treatment Of Periodontitis
  • Treatment Of Herpes And Aphthae
  • Paradental Surgery
  • Smaller Surgical Interventions, Implant Openings
  • Problems With The Growth Of Wisdom Teeth, Inflammation Of Wisdom Teeth
  • Treatment Of Problems With Temporomandibular Joints

The advantages of interventions with our high-frequency laser are as follows:

  • one of the main advantages of laser treatment compared to conventional treatments is less discomfort and postoperative pain,
  • little or no pain,
  • anesthesia is not necessary
  • less invasive procedures (the laser for hard tissue penetrates the tissue in very thin layers, but only as far as necessary so that we only remove the diseased and not the healthy tissue – great selectivity of the procedure and thus minimal loss of tooth tissue),
  • no disturbing drilling noise, no vibrations,
  • the laser sterilizes the area where it is used, destroys all microorganisms, has an anti-inflammatory effect and causes fewer infections,
  • to avoid the transmission of infections, the tooth should not be touched with the laser tip when “drilling”.
  • due to its effect, the laser perfectly stops the bleeding and at the same time desensitizes the nerve endings,
  • the laser has a biostimulating effect on cells and tissue, so that healing after interventions is faster and easier,
  • sewing is not necessary,
  • the laser is suitable for all age groups, especially children and patients who are disturbed by annoying turbine sounds, drilling vibrations, injection needles and hard, numb lips for a few hours after anesthesia,
  • the laser is very suitable for children because it saves them an unpleasant experience with the dentist and inspires them for their next visits.

What are the disadvantages?

  • The laser does not remove amalgam fillings, therefore a classic drill must be used for the removal,
  • the laser is not inaudible. It has its own sound that is not as annoying when working with a classic drill, which has the sound of a turbine. You can hear it in the form of soft beats.

Fears when visiting the dentist are now superfluous. This laser enables the dentist to perform many routine dental procedures, often without injections or anesthetics.

We are proud that this type of treatment is also possible at our dental practice!

With the BIOLASE WATERLASE iPlus, your visit can only be pleasant and painless. Treat yourself and your teeth to the best! So that you WILL SMILE always and without embarrassment!