Laser For Soft
Tooth Tissue

We use the latest technology!

Laser Biolase Epic X

In addition to the laser for hard tooth tissue, we also use the medical laser Biolase Epic X – a low-frequency laser for soft tooth tissue, which works at a frequency of 940 nm and can only be used for treatment of soft tissues. The laser is significantly less efficient and we cannot use it for as many procedures as the high-frequency laser, but we successfully use it as a supplement to the hard laser. Above all, we cannot make any intrusions to the teeth ourselves.

This type of laser is most commonly used to treat gums and paradental tissue. It is also used for teeth bleaching.

With the soft tissue laser we heal and correct the following:

  • gums, all the soft tissues in the mouth, herpes, aphthae and other ulcers,
  • remove fibromas,
  • reshape gums by removing excess tissue (gingivoplasty),
  • interruption of disruptive growth of the tongue or other fibers (between the front two upper incisors – frenulotomy),
  • help with difficult breakthroughs or the position of wisdom teeth by removing disruptive gums (operculotomy),
  • thorough cleaning of the tartar under and over the gums can successfully treat paradental diseases,
  • the laser effectively removes bacteria and necrotic tissue (disinfected) and even stimulates regrowth of soft tissue and gums,
  • pain relief through biostimulation (sore throat, painful temporomandibular joints, pain after complex extractions etc.),
  • Removal of small papilloma on the skin,
  • the laser is also used for tooth bleaching.