Teeth Bleaching

Unfortunately, the natural colorof your teeth is not always as white as you would like it to be. A smile is important, but beautiful, white and healthy teeth play a special role and leave a unique impression.

In addition to the classic dental services, we offer dental bleaching as a cosmetic and aesthetic treatment.

The teeth can be whitened by two different methods, which can also be combined if necessary.

  •  With the first method, the process can be carried out with just one visit to the practice and the result is visible immediately. The result is breathtaking, and, as said, immediately. A brilliant smile of up to eight shades brighter can be achieved in less than an hour, and the effect is long-lasting. The entire soft tissue is adequately protected against bleaching. A highly concentrated bleaching agent is applied to the teeth. The dentist constantly monitors and guides through the whitening process. For teeth bleaching, we use the Biolase Epic X laser.
  • with the second method, you can whiten your teeth at home using a special tray, according to our instructions. The tray adapts perfectly to your teeth, as our dentist prepares it for you in advance in our practice. In this case, peroxide solutions are less concentrated. Apply bleach to the tray in the evening and attach it to your teeth. You carry the tray with bleach in your mouth at night for as long as needed, according to the dentist. This process takes eight to ten nights, depending on how badly the teeth are stained. In 7-14 days you can achieve a smile that is up to 6 shades brighter.

Bleaching process:

  • Before you start bleaching your teeth, your dentist will check the condition of your teeth and your dental tissue to ensure maximum safety of treatment,
  • tartar must be removed before the bleaching,
  • old dental fillings have to be replaced and carious defects have to be remedied,
  • depending on the patient’s lifestyle and degree of teeth discoloration, the dentist suggests the appropriate bleaching method.

Be careful with preparations for home teeth whitening!

We perform teeth bleaching using the world’s leading and recognized method of laser bleaching, which is only carried out with original Biolase products and the Biolase Epic X-Laser. This method ensures high-quality bleaching, is without harmful consequences and therefore safe. However, the result of the bleaching is breathtaking, immediate and long-lasting. Most importantly, this whitening process doesn’t damage the tooth enamel.

This being said, we would like to discourage you from performing the bleaching procedures at home on your own, since these procedures might not be done in a safe and effective manner.