We offer complete paradental care of your teeth. Treatment in the initial phase of periodontitis includes a so-called hygiene phase (cleaning of soft and hard dental plaque, root planning etc.). In more advanced conditions, classic surgery is also required. Nowadays, laser treatment of periodontitis in better-equipped dental practices counts as the best and most effective treatment technique.

The laser beam removes contaminants in the pockets under the gums, the inflamed paradental tissue is removed, and the root surface becomes just perfectly smooth after using the laser to create the conditions under which the gums can regrow on the tooth. We say that gum and bone regeneration take place.

We offer effective laser treatments of periodontitis with the Biolase Waterlase I Plus and the low-frequency Biolase Epic X laser, each of which contributes its part to the treatment. In rare cases, paradental therapy can be performed satisfactorily with only one type of laser.

However, periodontal treatment is particularly important before any prosthetic treatment, since healthy paradental tissue is a prerequisite for the success and durability of a dental prosthesis.

1. Health Teeth
2. Periodontal disease

A. Healthy Gums
B. Healthy Bone
C. Dental Plaque
D. Tartar
E. Periodontal Pocket
F. Affected Bone