In our dental practice, we also take care of your children’s dental health. The latter must be treated with the utmost care so that their dentist visits are pleasantly remembered and they will always be happy to return to us.

Pediatric dentistry therefore requires a special psychological approach that must be tailored to the needs of the young patient. We must gradually familiarize the child with our work before each treatment. We try not to make the child’s visit too stressful so that it remains in a pleasant memory. A pleasant smile, the warmth of the dentist and the experience are attributes that lead to great results.

When children arrive, we first familiarize them with the procedure and often explain the importance of dentistry and how their teeth work and develop. But above all, we point out why dental care is important and what they can achieve with proper and thorough care.

So that even our young newcomers will always SMILE!

For our youngest patients, our dental practice offers the following services:

  • teeth fluoridation,
  • sealing of fissures in deciduous molars and succedaneous molar and premolar tooth,
  • caries removal on deciduous and succedaneous teeth.

Since we use the Biolase Waterlase IPlus hard tissue laser, child visits can be less stressful and remain in good memory.

The laser is used in pediatric dentistry to manufacture dental fillings (seals) and, above all, to prepare the tooth for sealing. This serves to protect fissures and small holes on the teeth. With this type of treatment, the fillings are more durable and of better quality due to the properties of laser beams, as the surface is sterilized before filling and the microretention ensures a better quality of the tooth filling.