Smile with the invisible Invisalign aligner and create your perfect smile.

The latest trends in the development of dentistry make it possible to align teeth with almost invisible aligners. The use of classic aligners to correctly adjust and shape the position of your teeth has been a fashion trend for some time. A recent innovation is a completely invisible aligner called Invisalign (Align Technology). It is made of transparent plastic, is removable and is now one of the most widely used aesthetic systems for teeth alignment. Because you can take them out of your mouth at any time, you can eat normally and brush your teeth. This is a great advantage over fixed aligners, where hygiene is often poor and caries can occur. The biggest advantage is that we prepare a virtual presentation of the planned movements of the teeth before ordering the aligner and you can also participate in the desired positioning of the teeth yourself.

How does the process work?

  1. At the first visit, we examine the condition of your teeth and discuss your problems and expectations regarding the Invisalign treatment.
  2. Then we make a digital scan of your teeth (digital dental cast) and look at the 3D model of your teeth on the computer screen together with you. The computer simulates the final position of the teeth in just a few minutes. This makes it easier for you to choose a therapy because you can immediately see how your smile will change during the therapy.
  3. The 3D scan is then sent to the Invisalign laboratory center, where the therapy planning continues. This is followed by an individual adjustment of the schedule in our practice. The production schedule of the Invisalign aligners is therefore perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes. We present various possible options, talk about them and listen carefully to your wishes during the planning process. Together we can choose the final plan that will be satisfactory for you.
  4. By means of a virtual positioning of the teeth, we show you the planned movements, the movement plan and the desired final position of the teeth before the aligners are put on and the movement of the teeth begins.
  5. Then all the individual parts required for your Invisalign aligners are printed in 3D Invisalign centers. After a few days, they are sent to our dental practice and the therapy can begin.
  6. Since they are plastic layers that need to be changed every week or every second week, we can monitor the progress of the therapy and the movement of your teeth, which move to the desired final position according to a set schedule.