First Dental Examination
And Consultation

The first dental examination can be frightening for many. Some get disturbed by noises, others are afraid of pain, again others are already sensitive to the smell and interior of a dental office. That is why the experience you get the first time you visit the dentist is extremely important. No matter if children, teenagers or adults. When caring for your teeth, it is important that you choose someone who always listens to you and takes care of your teeth professionally and on a regular basis.

At the first dental examination, we check the condition of the entire oral cavity. Together with you we fill out a health questionnaire, answer all potential questions you might have, and make a detailed treatment schedule as well as a financial plan.

It is important to know that:

  • On the first visit, we entrust our dentist with all our expectations, problems and difficulties we face,
  • We choose a dental practice and staff with many years of experience and professional treatment of patients,
  • We take care of our teeth and general health on a regular basis after the visit to the dental practice,
  • We feel relaxed and well at the dentist, just like at home,
  • We offer comprehensive care for your teeth and ensure that your visits are pleasant and painless,

We find a responsible, caring and healthy way for the care of your teeth! We make sure that your visit to the Zobek Dental Practice is always accompanied by a smile and a good mood!