Diagnosis And
Caries Treatment

Caries (carious lesion) must be recognized as early as possible. That is why we use the latest laser diagnostic device KaVo DIAGNOdent Pen to diagnose small carious lesions.

The processes and in particular the materials used to produce the fillings differ greatly from one another. We use established composite materials that are above the standard for the manufacture of tooth fillings.

We recommend our patients to insert white tooth fillings, as the technological processes used to produce these fillings enable minimal grinding. This way we keep as much of the healthy tooth structure as possible, which is a major advantage of white tooth fillings.

We have a wide range of shades of white composite material available, so our experienced aesthetic dentist can produce white fillings in shades that are barely indistinguishable from the color of the teeth by matching the color of the composite to the color of your teeth.

With very strong caries in the back of the teeth, we can produce a porcelain filling or inlay. Inlays and onlays are an alternative to amalgam fillings in terms of strength. They are made in the laboratory from porcelain and are considered completely health-friendly products.

Since the Zobek Dental Practice is a proud owner of the high-frequency Er Cr3 +: YSSG dental laser from Biolase (WaterLase iPlus), we can also use it to treat hard tooth tissue.

Due to the properties of the laser beams, only tooth decay is removed with the help of the high-frequency laser, and the healthy tooth structure remains undamaged. In case of deep caries, our laser disinfects the surface, so that complications such as inflammation of the tooth nerve occur statistically less frequently. Composite fillings are also statistically more durable when working with a hard tissue laser due to the additional microscopic retention generated by the laser beam.

Amalgam fillings before replamecement
Composit dental fillings
Old amalgam fillings
Composit dental fillings and onlay after changing
Composit dental fillings
Composit dental fillings