Aesthetic Veneers

Aesthetic veneers are wafer thin translucent ceramic covers that are manufactured in a dental laboratory. We glue them to the anterior tooth surfaces, either on the anterior or side teeth. They are selected by patients who have certain irregularities on their teeth (incorrect arrangement and shape of the teeth, stained teeth, damaged and broken off teeth, tooth-to-tooth distance, problems with the development of dental enamel etc.). With the help of veneers, we can immediately achieve a more beautiful and bright smile.

Despite the extremely thin veneer (up to 0.5 mm), all tooth irregularities are covered. With the help of veneers, we can change the size, shape and color of the teeth. It is important that the natural tooth remains healthy as it is a minimally invasive procedure. The veneers that we manufacture in our dental practice consist of high-quality porcelain materials.

Which method do we use?

This method is a shorter procedure. It is often carried out in one or two dental visits. On the first visit, the condition is determined and a thorough examination of teeth is carried out. The teeth are then lightly ground and a dental cast is made. With the smile design program, we can plan your new smile together with you. In the meantime, the patient can receive temporary replacement veneers. Already on your next visit, we receive precisely shaped and manufactured veneers from our laboratory, which are later aesthetically cemented onto the tooth.

The result is a perfect, cinematic smile that strengthens your self-confidence!

When it is not recommended to use veneers?

If you have a very strong bite or if you grind your teeth violently at night, you can damage the veneer and shorten its lifespan.