Aesthetic dentistry deals with the beauty transformation of your teeth.

As part of the aesthetic stomatology, we design your new and more beautiful smile. The transformation of your smile and the increasingly common method of tooth bleaching have become routine procedures not only in the screenland, but also in reality. Every smile is individual and unique. The design of a new smile takes place individually and in close cooperation with the patient.

So you WILL SMILE always and without embarrassment!

As part of aesthetic stomatology, Zobek Dental Practice offers the following services:

  • Removal of all dental plaque and odontexesis using PROPHYpearles, if necessary,
  • teeth bleaching,
  • replacement of old aesthetically unsuitable white and old amalgam fillings with modern white fillings, inlays and onlays,
  • replacement of old aesthetically or functionally unsuitable veneers and bridges with high-quality aesthetic porcelain veneers and bridges. Satisfactory aesthetic results are achieved by metal-ceramic products and the best aesthetic results through techniques of metal-free ceramics with zirconium frames, metal-free Emax ceramics and other products made of all-ceramics,
  • beautifying your smile with ceramic veneers, which are mainly attached to the anterior of the teeth,
  • Twinkles and Swarovski tooth jewelry,

A changed smile makes you happier, more confident, you feel younger and stronger, and this will surely be noticed by others.