Dental Examination and Consultancy

During your first dental examination, we will check the overall status of your mouth, fill in the form about your health, answer all of your questions and usually make a detailed treatment and financial plan. 

Oral Hygiene

We perform classic ultrasound removal of dental tartar and plaque from teeth surfaces, above and beneath the gingiva. 

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims at boosting the patient's satisfaction and confidence with their look, primarily their smile. 

Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

In addition to more classical methods we offer in Dental center Zobek several modern cosmetic and aesthetical dentistry techniques, including whitening. 

Dental Jewelry

Dental jewelry is one additional way to create even more attractive smile for you and is particularly popular for the current younger generation.


Local Anesthesia

For painless treatment, we choose suitable anesthetic for you and you will enjoy your visit at the dentist. 

Diagnostic and Caries Treatment

Caries must be detected as early as possible, therefore for caries diagnostics we use the latest laser technology (KaVo DIAGNODENT pen).


Endodontic Treatment

We usually decide for endodontic treatment because of caries, very big fillings, and tooth injuries or as a part of planned prosthetic treatment. 


Before any prosthetic therapy, we have to prepare the periodontal tissues, which is a prerequisite for a successful prosthetic treatment. 

Oral Surgery

In Dental center Zobek we perform dental surgeries. All procedures are done in local anesthesia.  


In addition to several prosthetic treatments of missing teeth, we also perform surgical implantation of dental implants. 

Fixed Prosthodontics

All forms of prosthodontics treatment (veneers, crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays) using the highest quality laboratories are provided. Each treatment is tailored according to individual patients' needs, to provide the smile you've always wanted.  

Mobile Prosthodontics

When the status of the teeth does not allow using fixed prosthodontics techniques, and we can not decide for dental implants for whatever reason, we can replace the missing teeth with mobile prosthodontics techniques (complete dentures, partial dentures). 

Pediatric Dentistry

Children are most welcome in our Dental center. We believe that pediatric dentistry demands special friendly and psychological approach. 

Recall System

In Dental Center Zobek we take care of our patients’ oral hygiene. Our staff will notify you directly and on time, to invite you to have your preventative dental examination.